When a girl dumps a guy, it is usually due to something dumb that the guy did or she had a need that he could not meet. Sometimes, it is a combination of both. The point here is that she did not leave you for no reason at all, she left you because she had a reason. I am going to list the top 3 reasons on what men do that drive away girls.

There are several things that make girls shoot for the door. However, most of these cases fall into these 3 scenarios. In the case that your girlfriend did not tell you why she left you, I am going to describe the top 3 reasons of why they leave and hopefully you will learn something from this article to be able to save your relationship.

1) It is likely that you already know that women do not like being cheated on. It's just common sense but guys and girls continue to do this. You find a thrill in carrying on affairs but face the consequences when you are caught and your girl leaves you. This ends up destroying relationships, even relationships that have lasted for years.

I guess we can say that mistakes do happen, even ones that should have never happened in the first place. It can be extremely difficult to mend your broken relationship after being caught cheating. Cheating is a serious insult and it leaves women very hurt and fragile. If you manage to mend your relationship after getting caught cheating, take care to not break the mended relationship again.

2) Another common reason that a woman leaves her man is that he simply can not meet her emotional needs. Women need to feel loved. They need to know that their feelings do matter to you. If she is not getting emotional companionship, she will feel used and left out and will have no choice but to seek emotional companionship with someone else.

It's not hard to make a woman feel loved. It's real easy. You just need to pay attention to her. Not fake attention like "yes I hear you" but real attention. Guys, you know what I mean so quick beating…

Source by Oscar Orihuela