Resolution: the act or process of resolving: as a: the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones, b: the act of answering: solving, and c: the act of determining.

The new year is upon us – resolutions of every shape and size seem to come out of the woodwork: dieting, exercising more, eating right – you name it – we all make them. We writers tend to put them on paper in hopes of keeping them at some point and time during the new year. This being the case, I have compiled a list of resolutions for all of you writers out there, whether you write fiction or nonfiction, poetry or prose, whatever it is, so that you strive to write more and write better this year (I’m speaking for me as well).

Resolution #1: Back in that drawer somewhere or your old filing cabinet is a stack of old rejected manuscripts that you promised yourself you’d edit, revise and rewrite them at some point in your life. Now is that time. Take each one out and file it under one of these categories: FICTION, NONFICTION, CHILDREN STORIES, CHRISTIAN STORIES OR DEVOTIONALS, POETRY – you get the picture. This is your number one resolution!

Dedicate one day for each manuscript. Edit that one manuscript, taking notes of any particular message the editor may have written on the rejection letter. Once you have etched the story in your mind and you have some clear idea of where you’ll go with it during the rewriting process, research several potential markets that might accept the newly revised and rewritten manuscript. Take note of word length and particular needs of each market.

Now, start the revising and rewriting process until you feel the manuscript is ready to be mailed. When you feel the manuscript is perfect, then get it in the mail and out of the way for now.

The next day, start anew with manuscript number 2, then 3 – you get the picture!

If you have multiple manuscripts in those files, you’ll have a substantial amount of editing and rewriting to do for the next several weeks. Who said finding…

Source by Marcella Simmons