While it is generally not really that worthwhile to repair your gooseneck lamp, particularly if it is the cheaper type of gooseneck desk lamp, there may be times when you would prefer to do so. Some repairs are all together too difficult to attempt, but there are some that you can safely try.

The first repair, or maintenance, that you will probably need to do with your gooseneck lamp is replace the light bulb. If your light will not turn on yet it is plugged into the switch and the power button is pressed on, the first thing you should check is your light bulb. Usually these screw out. With some lamps you can easily see if the filament is broken by holding it up to the light. It may not be as easy to tell with other bulbs, however. You should try to keep one or two replacement bulbs on hand so that you can instantly switch to a new bulb should you suspect yours is broken. If replacing the bulb with a brand new one does not resolve the problem you may have to look further.

If you have…

Source by Susan L. West