Are you feeling a little bit stress over your marriage laTely? Most marriages will go through rough patches and sometimes the problem can be so devastating that one partner or both think that ending the relationship is the best way out. If you find that your marriage is falling apart, but yet do not want to get a divorce, there are ways that you can do to save your marriage.

If your marriage is falling apart, your communication with your spouse could have also been affected. If both of you are not talking anymore or fighting constantly, it can cause more misunderstandings and will distant your relationship with your spouse.

It is likely that both of you are spending less time together when there are problems in the relationship. If one of you is finding excuses not to go home early and would rather spend more time hanging out with friends, this means your marriage is running into the danger of falling apart.

When you are starting to ask "is your marriage falling apart?"…

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