How to Save Up to 50% on Guest House Rates and Travelers Hotels

In the past, my major resistance to using these techniques would be the time they require – for each hotel it could take 15 to 30 minutes. That said, your lodging will represent your # 1 expense during your mini-retirement. A hundred dollars saved on housing could easily cover your food budget for one month. I believe you should at least be able to save at least 25% off the quoted price, which in a country like Vietnam could be 100 to 200 dollars a month.

I'm not sure these techniques would work as well at higher end established hotels – although it could not hurt to try. I know there are lots of cool hacks that work with them. In this article, I'm going to focus specifically on hotels that cater to travelers, because they're generally cheap, clean, accommodating, and I'm happy with the overall value the offer.


1) Know the season – Figure out what season it is for tourists. Obviously you'll have more leverage during low seasons. Do not…

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