If you're an avid hunter, I'm sure you'll realize that hunting can soon become a rather expensive hobby. ESPecially with all that buying of rifles, rifle scopes, hunting knives, accessories etc. And not to forget, those self funded hunting expeditions. But before you discard your love for hunting, here are some ways you can probably mitigate the cost issue.

(1) Buy Used Rifles Instead of Brand New Ones
One of the great ways to lower the cost of hunting as a hobby is to purchase used rifles. That can amount to a great bargain especially if you're doing it correctly. A brand new rifle can cut you back by at least a few hundred of dollars and naturally branded ones can cost even more.

To reduce this cost outlay, you'll need a dealer that uses used rifles. Do a check on the seller's via the dealer to ensure that the rifle was legitimately used prior to being resold. And yeah, always insist on an inspection. Some used rifles look good on paper but when handled, are…

Source by Eric Clements